Broken but still BEAUTIFUL!♥️


I am a person who loves to help other people. God has given me a heart that recognizes when other people are in pain or in need. At the same time, He continuously reminds me that I am a vessel that He is shaping into something beautiful. My best would never been good enough if I didn’t have Jesus. In fact, my entire life’s purpose would be different. We live in a world where social media encourages people to pretend to have perfect lives, but the truth is…Life can get messy. You will walk through an unexpected situation, face heartache and disappointments, but you learn from the past, if you allow it to. Ultimately, life is a culmination of events that guide you to the place you need to be. And the truth is, when you trust in the Lord, you arrive at places you could only dream of in the past. You will walk through winning seasons and you will walk through losing seasons, but my beautiful truth is… I’m not who I once was. I’ve walked through fires, I’ve walked through trials and tribulations and I’ve been refined. The last several months have been defining moments for me. Adversity comes our way to shake us up and point us to the cross. Keep your eyes on the prize, friends! Happy Tuesday!

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