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Please let all of this sink in. Life is short, friends. So, here’s the thing, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and I don’t strive to be. I LOVE who I am and those who don’t like me are missing out on being friends with a wonderful person. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t like themselves so they project the same negative energy on to others. Be who you’re called to be and make no apologies for being authentic. Send good out in the world. Be a great friend. Be someone who supports others. Don’t be jealous or covet what other people have. Be happy for others when they win. Pray for people when they lose. Stop trying to gain approval from people. Your approval and worth is found in Christ. If you live for people’s compliments, you’ll always suffer when they criticize you. -Inspirational Speaker Anita Ford


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Love Me the Way I Am


57BED504-B73B-4762-8214-54148FEEACB5Something you learn about yourself as you go through life is that you are only in competition with the person you see in the mirror. You should attempt to be a better person every single day you are given an opportunity to live in this world. I am confident life looks different when you begin to appreciate who God made you to be an embrace the gifts and talents He has given you to share with the world.

For those of you that don’t know, I wrote a movie several years ago. Love Me the Way I Am was the very first movie script I have ever written. Imagine that-A movie that’s filled with authenticity and emotion that will change the lives of so many people when they see it. God poured this beautiful work into me and in the middle of writing, He showed me that the opportunity to share this with a largest platform would come later. My Love Me the Way I Am story is different than yours and that’s okay. It’s important to treasure and embrace who you are called to be. At the same time, my prayer is that you allow people to be who God has called them to be, as well.

I am loving the fact that I’m in competition with no one but myself. There’s no one who can do what God has designed me to do. I love myself. I love God and I love others. And, at the end of the day, I’m focusing on being the best person I can be to make this world a better place. The woman I see in the mirror has faith and God has made me strong. I am fierce and I am capable of all things with the help of the Lord. So, if anything involves negativity or competition, I don’t want any part of it. Celebrate others. Love others. Pray for others, but never lose sight of the fact that you are enough.-Inspirational Speaker Anita Ford

Dear Unpopular Girl,


Dear Unpopular Girl,
You know, the girl that no one likes… Yes, I’m speaking to you… Please don’t allow the world to change you. You worth isn’t determined by what people think of you. Hold your beautiful head up high and live… Walk this life out knowing that you are loved, you are valued and you are His beloved. Often times, too many people walk through this life searching for acceptance and accepting anything to feel like they’re a part of something. But, you are not afraid to stand alone. You don’t care if you fit in. You love who God made you to be and you stand tall no matter what others say or think about you. Never lose your fearless spirit. You, in fact are not an unpopular girl… You are a strong girl and sooner or later, the world will realize that girls like you grow up to be women who change the world. Never let anyone dull your sparkle, beautiful girl!

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His Precious Prize



I started blogging 3 years ago and my main reason for starting a social media platform was to love others back to life. I am an introvert, but I’m also one of those people that senses when others are hurting and it burdens my heart to see people in pain. I thought of an avenue that people always asked me about and used it as a tool to bring women together. Yes, Fashion is a hobby of mine, but I love pouring into others. It’s important to point people to the cross and help them recognize their value when the world is constantly telling the how to act, how to dress and what they should look like. So, today, I’m sharing a piece I wrote a few years ago that’s still very relevant today.

The world wants us to think that outer beauty, wealth, and fame are important to be successful in this world. But, the truth is, the more we compare our lives to others, we will never feel comfortable in our skin. Intelligence, talents, inner beauty,outer beauty,and love were placed in us with a greater purpose in mind. We can spend all of our time wanting to be someone else, but we never know what that person had to go through to be where they are now. If we had to step in someone else’s shoes and endure what they’ve faced throughout their lives, would we still want their life? Please know, we are all beautiful vessels that God created to impact our world in many different ways. No gifts or talents are more important than others,they all work together for a greater cause. You are His precious prize.You worth can’t be determined by this world. Your worth is in Christ.

Keep your head up, beautiful! You are LOVED!


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0344AD02-E298-4C4B-BBC5-649E77974D7DToday is my birthday and I can honestly say this birthday looks a little different to me. I am truly grateful to see another year. God has showed up and showed out in so many ways this past year. I opened my own business, I took leaps of faith that I only dreamt of taking, God gave me clarity in so many areas of my life and most of all, He continually poured His love into me. If I could offer you a bit of advice, I would say this…Live life to its fullest. Too many people are walking through this life merely existing. Take leaps of faith in all areas of your life…If you love someone, tell them. I believe everyone has a special someone who brings out the best in them and truly sees the better than anyone else has or ever will. Work on a goal you’ve always wanted to achieve. I’m a firm believer that it’s never too late to start a new goal. Don’t allow fear to control you or cause you to think you are less than. Every day you’re given an opportunity to live on earth is an opportunity to be used by God. Exhaust every single talent He has given you. Love people well. Share His love and be His love. At the end of the day, nothing else matters except the things we’ve done on earth to make His love known. Go forth and live, sweet friends!

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Skin Care Tips for Gym Rats-Teaming up with Dr Manish Shah


Hey Friends.



If you’re like me, I love fresh skin when I go to the gym. I try my best to keep makeup wipes in purse so I can wear as little makeup as possible when I workout. Often times, I will apply a clear face treatment to my skin so the treatment can start working while I’m sweating in the gym. Im teaming up with the expert to bring you some great tips for keeping your skin glowing and healthy while at the gym! 





With Memorial Day fast approaching, many are even more focused than usual on their bodies and getting them into tip-top shape at the gym. While exercise has multiple benefits, very often workouts and great looking skin don’t go together.  We turned to Dr. Manish Shah, a Board-Certified Denver plastic surgeon and anti-aging expert, to give tips on how you can get the six-pack and still have glowing, acne free skin.


Sweat Itself Does Not Cause Acne 

First, “It is important to know that sweat itself does not cause acne,” says Dr. Shah. He explains, “Professional sportsmen are predisposed to accumulating dirt and bacteria in their pores during and after workout periods. If left without proper cleansing this can cause worsening in skin conditions like acne and dermatitis.”


Avoid Makeup

These days a gym visit almost doesn’t seem to “count” unless one Instagrams it. This often leads women to wear makeup to the gym. Just don’t. Dr. Shah says, “Most makeup will clog pores by not allowing the skin to breathe naturally during workouts. A better option is a tinted moisturizer if you are self-conscious about your skin tone.”



If you’re going to be outdoors, apply a light moisturizer with SPF to keep your skin protected from UV rays.  Make sure to choose a lightweight product as not to clog up your pores. Look for words like “non-comedogenic” or “oil-free” to know that your sunblock won’t cause acne.


Don’t Touch Your Face at the Gym!

Cardio machines, weight machines, free weights, these all breed bacteria. Touching them and them wiping beads of sweat off your face is a sure way to spread bacteria that can create new breakouts. Make sure to bring a towel for this instead of using your hands.


A Flowing Mane of Hair is Not Your Friend During a Workout

When you are working out it is a good idea to keep hair out of your face by styling it into a bun or rocking a dry and clean sweatband. Sweat and dirt can get transferred from your hair onto your face. If you haven’t washed your hair and you use hairspray or other hair products, these can also splash onto your pores along with perspiration. This can cause irritations and breakouts.


How to Choose the Right Gym Towel

An old rag won’t be effective at absorbing sweat. However, you don’t want a gym towel that is as absorbent as a bath towel you would use to dry off your body after a shower at home. Dr. Shah says that “The gym towel should be a happy medium — absorbent enough to keep your face dry during a workout, but not so thick it clings to bacteria even after a wash.”


Wear Loose and Comfortable Gym Clothes

“Spandex is tight clothing that can lead to skin infections from bacteria and fungi,” warns Dr. Shah. “Wear loose attire that will also help wick away the sweat preventing it from being absorbed by your skin.” Just google “sweat-wicking workout clothes.”


Reduce the Redness

Calm down a flushed face with your redness control remedy made up of a little bit of iced green tea and a spray bottle. “You’ll cool down your skin and add in a few extra anti-oxidants in the process,” says Dr. Shah.


After your workout

Dr. Shah stresses, “Wash your face immediately after your workout. You don’t want a mixture of dirt, oil, and bacteria clinging to your skin, affecting its pH, and clogging your pores. If you are exercising in a park where there is no sink, bring cleansing facial wipes with you.”


Moisturize Post Workout

No matter your type of skin, after cleansing you must moisturize. Dr. Shah says that “Skipping this essential step can unknowingly dehydrate your skin causing your oil-producing glands to overcompensate by producing an oversupply of oil. Use a moisturizer that’s been produced for your specific skin type and condition immediately after cleansing for the best results.”


Skip the Hot Shower

Sure, your muscles are sore, and you’re in the mood for a hot shower after a workout. Dr. Shah points out that, “Hot water strips skin of vital oils, leaving you with dry, itchy, dull skin.” Exfoliate more often to avoid “Bacne.” Breakouts on your back or chest are particularly common for “gym rats.” To avoid this, use a gentle body scrub three times a week. Dr. Shah says, “This will keep pores clear and skin functioning well.”


Save Your “Superhero” Products for Night

Save serious treatment products for bedtime. Dr. Shah points out that, “Even seemingly normal skin can experience much more sensitivity right after a workout.  You may want to wait until redness decreases by bedtime to use your super-active acne or anti-aging treatment products.”



About Dr. Manish Shah


Manish Shah, M.D., F.A.C.S. was born in Canada and raised in the Washington, D.C. area. He graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, receiving a degree in biomedical engineering. He then completed his medical training at the University of Virginia, earning his Medical Doctorate. During this time, he also completed a one-year fellowship in microsurgery research at the New York University School of Medicine / Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. As a prelude to his plastic surgery training, Dr. Shah completed a rigorous five-year training program in General and Trauma Surgery at Emory University and the Medical College of Georgia. His formal training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was completed at the Univ. of Tennessee College of Medicine – Chattanooga Unit. After completing his plastic surgery training, he moved to New York City when he was selected for the prestigious Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. He underwent extensive, advanced training in aesthetic surgery of the face, breasts, and body at the hands of some of the most renowned cosmetic surgeons in the world. This fellowship is widely considered to be the best of its kind in the world. Dr. Shah is one of only a select few plastic surgeons in the country who have undergone formal post-graduate training in aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Shah’s specialties include revision facial aesthetic surgery, rhinoplasty (“nose reshaping”), and aesthetic surgery of the breast (breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction). He is, however, well-trained in all areas of aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Shah’s aim is to obtain a natural appearing transformation that complements the real you!

Dr. Shah is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  He maintains a private practice in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver.

Dr. Shah is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Rhinoplasty Society, and the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Shah is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.



Teaming up with Mint Julep Boutique!

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If you know me well, you know that I am not afraid to wear colorful makeup, clothing, accessories or shoes. I love to accent chic looks with a pop of color and today I’m bringing you the dress that y’all have been loving and I adore it! So, here’s why color is great for the summer months. Depending upon your skins undertones, there are certain colors that make your skin look vibrant, dewy and youthful. I recently had a chance to collaborate with Mint Julep Boutique again and when I saw this dress, I knew I had to share it. This maxi dress compliments a variety of skin tones and hair colors. I paired my dress with a cute pair of sandals and yellow fringe earrings. When the dress is already a statement piece, simple but fun accessories are all you need. So, you may be wondering how you can purchase both items, well here’s the link:


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True Beauty…

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707BB0BF-C12A-4D66-A79A-8B1D143D8584This isn’t a fashion post, it’s a real life post. Social media is a blessing and it’s a curse at times. In reality, there are way too many people doubting themselves and striving to obtain things they see other people with on the internet. Everyone wants to be flawless, have the biggest house, finest car and nicest wardrobe. But, what do all of those things matter if you’re empty inside? The truth is, I’m not flawless and I don’t strive to be. I have physical scars and my skin isn’t perfect. I live my truth. I love who I am.

There are some people who always define others by what they do for a living and then the other half of people constantly try to minimize what people do. You know, the ones who never pay attention when you tell them what you do? So, if you listen to society, you’ll never measure up. I know that I am not solely who I spent many years in undergraduate and graduate school to become(a therapist). I am much more. Degrees are avenues to help us reach more people, but they should never define us. At the end of the day, I want to be an woman that is known for being real.

Whether I have 1 follower or 30k followers, I want to be someone who reminds people they don’t have to fit into a mold to be beautiful. We live in a world that constantly wants us to scream who we are and what we do for a living, but at the end of the day it’s who we are on the inside that matters. I challenge you, if you’re reading this…

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Look in the mirror every morning and know you are worthy of love and worthy of all the things God has for you simply because you are His precious prize. Don’t allow the world to determine who you are. Keep your eyes set on the one who matters most. Our worth is found in our Father whose love never changes. You, my friend are loved, treasured and set apart… You are beautiful the way God made you and never let anyone tell you otherwise.