Saranghea Skincare-5 Step System Collaboration

Saranghea Skincare-5 Step System Collaboration

Let’s talk skincare, loves! So, over the years, I’ve noticed that my skin has become more sensitive to different skincare lines. I often find myself sticking to skincare that is gentle, but it doesn’t necessarily address all of my skincare needs. As someone who has bouts of eczema, I always want to be careful when applying new products to my skin. I have combination skin with oily t-zone areas. I haven’t experienced a lot of fine lines or wrinkles on my skin, but I certainly want to continue taking preventative measures to combat significant aging. I drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruit and veggies, I change my pillowcases and wash my sheets every few days to prevent breakouts, but I do have some superficial scarring on my cheeks. In the past, I left the major skin care to my dermatologist. I do get hydrating facials and chemical peels every few months to keep my skin healthy, but I have always wanted a daily routine that my skin benefits from.

A couple of weeks ago, I began partnering with SarangheaSkincare. Saranghae
is an award-winning Korean 5 Step Anti-Aging skin care routine that heals, regenerates and protects your skin. Saranghae’s focus on natural ingredients, highly effective products, and excellence in customer service has helped them become the fastest growing Korean skin care brand in the United States. Another fun fact about this amazing brand is the word Saranghea in Korean means, I love you. Saranghea sent me their 5 Step Anti-Aging system. First of all, their packaging is beautiful! Second, their products are generous in size. Third, the skincare routine is easy to follow. And, fourth, the system truly works!

After my first application, I noticed my skin was dewy and glowing. I also noticed my skin wasn’t showing any signs of irritation. I have continued using Saranghea products and my skin is loving it! I have no problems with breakouts. My skin is hydrated. And, I have even gone without makeup and my skin still looks good.

So, who would I recommend these products to? Anyone who is willing to make an investment on their skin. We spend money on makeup, but often times we skimp on facial products. If you’re willing to make an investment on your skin and take the time to care for your skin, I guarantee the results will be worthwhile. I encourage you to embark on a journey that includes loving yourself from the inside out and loving the beautiful skin you’re in. There’s only one you. So, you might as well take care of yourself. You won’t regret purchasing their products! If you do purchase their products and you aren’t satisfied, they offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Avistarcare Teeth Whitening Powder


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I am collaborating with @avistarcare to bring you my review of their charcoal tooth powder. Having a healthy smile is important, so I am always searching for products to maintain my teeth. There are so many products that incorporate charcoal in their ingredients because it’s natural and the benefits are seen fairly quickly. Now, I know charcoal toothpaste may scare some people off because they might think the product tastes bad. But, I’ve been using this product a few weeks and there isn’t a distinct taste. Unlike other whitening toothpastes, my teeth aren’t left sensitive to hot or cold. And, I have been noticing a difference in the color of my teeth. Overall, I would say @avistarcare tooth powder is definitely a product to try if you’re someone who experiences sensitivity when whitening your teeth. They have several products available, but I only tested the tooth powder. Be sure to head on over to Amazon to purchase your own. You won’t regret it!

Biblical Crossword Puzzles

Happy Wednesday, loves! Today I’m teaming up with Skyhorse Publishing to bring you my reviews of the Peace of Mind Crossword Puzzle books. Linda Peters, a teacher, mother and word lover designed the perfect book for those who enjoy word searches. Who doesn’t love brain building fun and books that enrich your faith? I received 2 books-Hymns and Old and New Testament Puzzles, but there are several other crosswords. Other topics of interest include: Proverbs, Women in the Bible and the Ten Commandments.Each book includes 150 large print puzzles. Large print puzzles are great because they reduce eye strain. How many times have you worked on a puzzle for hours only to have a headache afterwards because of the small print? I recommend these books to anyone who loves faith filled puzzles. Each puzzle is unique and filled with words that relate to the specific topic in the Bible. Keep your mind sharp and your faith energized every day! This is the perfect gift for that word lover in your life! —————————


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3 Strands Accessories

I’m teaming up with @3strandsshop to bring you information about fabulous accessories and a wonderful cause. @3strandsshop provides employment opportunities for those who have been a victim of human trafficking and also those who are living high risk areas. @3strandsshop works with artisans in Nepal, Romania, Haiti and Vietnam and Cambodia. The purple bracelets and necklace that I’m wearing also have a red bed and red strand on each one. The red bead is a symbol of the red seed that comes from Cambodia’s Sandlewood Tree. Each tree produces a colorless pod that dries up and falls to the ground. The red seed on each piece of jewelry represents the beauty of survivors and those waiting to be rescued. There’s nothing I love better than supporting a wonderful cause. You can shop in full confidence knowing that your purchase will help a courageous soul gain the knowledge and expertise to start over again. Be sure to check out @3strandsshop! Happy Tuesday, loves!

Photage App Collaboration

F5977362-5565-42D7-A85D-85AD6F71F3DCHey Loves! 😊

We all love our keepsakes and today I’m sharing about an app that makes it possible for people to print and treasure their memories for a lifetime. I’m so excited to be collaborating with Photoage! I mean, who doesn’t love prints?!? Well, @photageapp has taken prints one step further.. They have designed two great options, canvases and stickers. The prints are vivid, high quality and best of all, you can reposition every canvas and sticker! How many times have you placed a sticker somewhere and decided it would look better somewhere else? Well, this app was made just for you! @photageapp has been super generous to give me a code exclusively for my followers. All of my followers can use the code, *Anita715* to get a free small print. Be sure to let me know when you use the code and tag me when you receive your print. I’d love to see all of your pictures! Happy Saturday!

Phonetic EyeWear Collaboration

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I am so exciting to be collaborating with Phonetic Eyewear to give one lucky follower a pair of Computer Eyewear frames! So, be sure to head on over to my Instagram to enter.


Our society is technology driven and often times, we spend hours on our mobile devices and computers not recognizing the strain it’s placing on our eyes. Eye strain is common among people who use technology for long hours and it can lead to neck pain, migraines and even dry or teary eyes.


So, what is Phonetic Eyewear doing to solve this common issue? They’ve created the best blue light blocking frames,ever. Phonetic Eyewear’s frames block the harmful Violet/Blue light that is emitted from mobile devices, tablets and computers. It is estimated that Americans spend 10 hours using technology everyday. If you think about it, we’re always connected in some way.


Phonetic Eyewear’s frames are very affordable. Frames range from $49 to $99. I was able to select my own frames and I selected the Quinn frame in Tortoise. When the frames arrived, they arrived in a box that can also serve as a case and a cleaning cloth is included. The  frame is fashionable and durable, and it is available in a few other colors. The lenses are prescription lens quality.

I’ve tested many frames from various manufacturers and price points and the quality just isn’t the same. With Phonetic, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality frames for your money.


Overall, my review of Phonetic Eyewear is excellent. I wore my glasses from Phonetic every time I used my computer and my mobile device for extended periods of time. I noticed less eye irritation and headaches. Usually, after looking at the screen for a long period of time, my eyes feel tired and dry. So, wearing the glasses made a tremendous difference and I will continue to wear them. Be sure to check out all of Phonetic Eyewear’s products! Happy Friday, loves!

JORD Watches

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The time is drawing near! The giveaway with JORD watches ends on March 11th. So, be sure to *Tag 3 friends* who could use a new watch! To enter: Click the link in my bio and enter your information. It literally takes 30 seconds to enter! I love a good giveaway! Good luck, loves! ——————————

The giveaway will end on 3/11/2018 at 11:59.

To enter:

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