The Lord Will Fight For You…

  When you experience racism, hate, and spiritual warfare, it’s an attack from the enemy. We all know, when you become a Christian you will walk through trials and tribulations. This past year, I experienced constant racism and bullying, but I chose to use the weapon that was formed against me for my good. IContinue reading “The Lord Will Fight For You…”

For such a time as this…

God has shown me there will be times when I speak words that are hard to convey at the moment. As a speaker,writer and blogger, I treasure this beautiful space. We laugh, we cry, we share our hearts, but most of all…We embrace each other when times get tough. The events that have happened inContinue reading “For such a time as this…”

Oral Essentials

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for products to improve your smile. I mean, let’s face it…When you’re someone who smiles a lot, your teeth are the first thing people will see. So, I was so excited to team up with Oral Essentials and try their natural teeth whitening kit. I have seen variousContinue reading “Oral Essentials”

Water 101: Guidance from the CDC, USDA, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and other top-tier experts and physicians on proper hydration, dehydration avoidance.

Hi Friends! Today, I’m teaming up with the experts to bring you information about staying hydrated during this period of sheltering in place. Stay safe. Stay home. Save lives. As the Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List,” Merilee Kern, MBA is an internationally-regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist. As prolific consumer trends, lifestyleContinue reading “Water 101: Guidance from the CDC, USDA, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and other top-tier experts and physicians on proper hydration, dehydration avoidance.”

March Ellie Activewear Collaboration

Comfy chic on the blog today! While our worlds have changed drastically, I still believe comfy outfit is absolute perfection. Whether you’re relaxing, working from home or working out at home, @EllieActiveWear has so many cute options for you. I’ve been teaming up @EllieActivewear for quite some time now and the March box totally knockedContinue reading “March Ellie Activewear Collaboration”

My Testament to God’s Goodness…

My Beautiful Testament to God’s Goodness… 4 years ago, I was sitting in the car listening to a local Christian radio station in Atlanta. This particular weekend was the weekend before I was scheduled to have major surgery. I prayed and asked God to let His will be done. In my mind, I knew GodContinue reading “My Testament to God’s Goodness…”

Broken but still BEAUTIFUL!♥️

I am a person who loves to help other people. God has given me a heart that recognizes when other people are in pain or in need. At the same time, He continuously reminds me that I am a vessel that He is shaping into something beautiful. My best would never been good enough ifContinue reading “Broken but still BEAUTIFUL!♥️”

Ellie Activewear February Collection

What does self care mean to you? Self care to me means taking time to unwind, spending time with people I care about the most and working on my dreams! So, whether I’m running errands or spending time relaxing, Ellie Activewear is my favorite to wear. This month’s February outfit is another piece of floralContinue reading “Ellie Activewear February Collection”

February Nimb Collaboration

Hey Friends! I’m teaming up with Nimb for an entire year to talk about the benefits of their wonderful Nimb rings. If you’re new around here, you know I only collaborate with companies that I believe in and I fully trust Nimb’s products. February is a month where love is often expressed through gifts, whoContinue reading “February Nimb Collaboration”

January Nimb Collaboration

Hi Friends! Personal safety is important in all aspects of life. What a wonderful feeling it is to know you’re wearing a fashion statement that allows you to call for help should a crisis arise.  Nimb has created a sleek ring that alerts first responders and people in your contacts when you’re in danger. There’sContinue reading “January Nimb Collaboration”