Tie Dye-Woman Crush Wednesday!



On Wednesday’s we will share our hearts AND amazing outfit ideas through our Woman Crush Wednesday loop. Each week, we will have a power color or patten that represents our theme. This week our power pattern is TIE DYE and our theme is LOVE.
Tie dye is all the rage here lately, but when you think about it… Tie dye was a symbol of peace and love during the Vietnam War. Fast forward to 2020, and our world needs a reminder of what love, peace, hope and diversity looks like. When you look at our world, we have a variation of skin tones that make our world beautiful. Every single person is created by a God who makes no mistakes and we are His most prized possessions. We have a choice to spread love or hate, but there is one constant in our lives that will always remain the same and that’s LOVE.
We at @Classyandchicgems plan to share our stories and continue spreading love and light during this time. How are you sharing love during this time? We enjoy hearing from you. As always, you can connect with us by using the hashtag #classyandchicgems or by following our new Instagram page-@classyandchicgems.

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The Lord Will Fight For You…


When you experience racism, hate, and spiritual warfare, it’s an attack from the enemy. We all know, when you become a Christian you will walk through trials and tribulations. This past year, I experienced constant racism and bullying, but I chose to use the weapon that was formed against me for my good. I could’ve walked through life being mad at everyone because of the way a certain race treated me, but instead I chose to pray. I want to be very clear when I say this, You do not have to become like the people who are discriminating against you. You can choose to be a better person. It’s hard to speak out about the pain people have tried to inflict on you about something that’s beyond your control, but at the same time there is so much power found in knowing your worth. The devil only fights people who have a purpose on their lives and unfortunately, he will use anyone he can to come against you. But, I’m here to say the glow up from God hits different when you never question your worth. Every smiling face in this world has experienced situations that shook them to the core and pointed them to the cross. Listen to other people’s stories during this time. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. As for me, I choose to love and spread love. I choose to believe this world can change. Hate will never have a place in my heart and I will never allow pain from the past to rob me of my future. @inspirationalspeakeranitaford

For such a time as this…

God has shown me there will be times when I speak words that are hard to convey at the moment. As a speaker,writer and blogger, I treasure this beautiful space. We laugh, we cry, we share our hearts, but most of all…We embrace each other when times get tough. The events that have happened in the last couple of days are absolutely heartbreaking. I see a world filled with so much hate and division. I see people the fear and pain in people’s eyes as they navigate through our new normal. I want to be completely transparent with you when I talk about this topic because I want you to know where my heart is. I am disappointed in people who don’t think diversity is beautiful. I am disappointed in people who hate other races for no reason. I want to openly discuss the pain that has hit our nation yet again.

My family heritage is diverse, but at the end of the day we are a black family in the United States of America. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I’ve heard, “You’re so pretty, for a black woman.” Or the shock and awe I’ve seen on some people’s faces when they find out I’m a Therapist and have a Master’s Degree. It breaks my heart to admit that I’ve faced racism several times in my life and in some cases, racism was found in places where it shouldn’t exist at all. I’m incredibly comfortable in this skin of mine. I own who I am and I love who God has called me to be.

I grew up in a military family. My family moved to different duty stations, but for a long time, we were the only black family in the neighborhoods we lived in. We never experienced racism in our neighborhood. My parents raised us to love people for who they are. We have friends of all races. Does it hurt my heart to see this world in such an uproar? Yes! God created us because He has a purpose and plan for our lives. We all deserve a chance to live without being racially profiled or discriminated against. I look at the next person as my brother or sister in Christ regardless of their skin color. We do have a race problem in our world, but the bigger problem is a heart problem. You can not hate anyone and claim to love Jesus. You can not discriminate against people and think you are following God. Right now God is allowing the scales to fall off our eyes and He wants us to bring attention to the problem at hand. We have to keep conversations going.

As influencers, we can use our platform for good and not only shine a light on the current situation but the situation that has been happening for the longest time. We need to encourage brands and media to broaden their views and show the world what diversity looks like. Brands that tend to represent one outlook aren’t showing what our world looks like and this needs to change. Change often begins with understanding another person’s point of view. My heart breaks knowing yet another black person has lost his life for no reason. I stand tall when I say George Floyd’s death is a tragedy and my heart breaks for his family. As Christians its time for us to stand and call attention to the things that matter most and that’s love. Martin Luther King once said,

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” What the world needs right now is God’s love. Will you join me in spreading His light? We are stronger standing together, not apart. -Inspirational Speaker Anita Ford

Oral Essentials

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for products to improve your smile. I mean, let’s face it…When you’re someone who smiles a lot, your teeth are the first thing people will see. So, I was so excited to team up with Oral Essentials and try their natural teeth whitening kit. I have seen various advertisements and I’ve been wondering if it would make a difference in my teeth, so 3 weeks later…I’m here to say that I love my results and my teeth are NOT sensitive! So, if you’re looking for a product that fits your budget and your on the go lifestyle, give Oral Essentials a try. Everyone’s results will be different, but I can honestly say this is a product that will remain in my arsenal for months to come.

Water 101: Guidance from the CDC, USDA, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and other top-tier experts and physicians on proper hydration, dehydration avoidance.


Hi Friends!
Today, I’m teaming up with the experts to bring you information about staying hydrated during this period of sheltering in place.

Stay safe. Stay home. Save lives.

As the Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List,” Merilee Kern, MBA is an internationally-regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist. As prolific consumer trends, lifestyle and leisure industry voice of authority and tastemaker, Merilee keeps her finger on the pulse of the marketplace in search of new and innovative must-haves and exemplary experiences at all price points, from the affordable to the extreme. The best-of-the-best across all product, service and travel categories—as well as noteworthy marketplace change makers, movers and shakers—are spotlighted in her prolific cross-media platform work that reaches multi-millions each month via broadcast TV (her own major market/network TV show “Savvy Living” and copious other shows on which she appears) as well as print and online publications. Connect with her at www.TheLuxeList.com / Instagram www.Instagram.com/LuxeListReports / Twitter www.Twitter.com/LuxeListReports / Facebook www.Facebook.com/LuxeListReports / LinkedIN www.LinkedIn.com/in/MerileeKern.

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Water 101: Guidance from the CDC, USDA, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and other top-tier experts and physicians on proper hydration, dehydration avoidance

Water. We all need it—and know we need it—for optimum health and wellness, but a shocking few live daily life in a properly hydrated state and certainly not with appropriate consistency. One doctor-driven report revealed that fully 75 percent, a staggering three-fourths majority, of Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration. It went on to underscore that, “Over time, failure to drink enough water can contribute to a wide array of medical complications, from fatigue, joint pain and weight gain to headaches, ulcers, high blood pressure and kidney disease.” Apparently, this is the tip of the proverbial dehydration-induced illness iceberg.


“During a normal day, we lose about two liters of water just through breathing, sweat and other bodily functions,” notes board certified internist Dr. Blanca Lizaola-Mayo. “Even while asleep, we can lose over one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of water-weight not just through sweating, but respiration as well. Even air conditioning has drying effects on our body. The health implications of dehydration are vast and can range from mild to severe, including problems with the heart, blood pressure and breathing, headaches and cognitive issues like concentration … just to name a few. Those who’ve felt that ‘afternoon slump’ should know that dehydration is the number one cause of daytime fatigue. And, it’s important to understand that when we first start to sense thirst, we are already close to two percent dehydrated.”

For all of its importance, proper hydration is a delicate balance to uphold. An Institute of Medicine report cited the fragility of keeping the body duly hydrated, noting, “Over the course of a few hours, body water deficits can occur due to reduced intake or increased water losses from physical activity and environmental (e.g., heat) exposure.” So, a perfectly hydrated body can tip the scales into a dehydrated state in a fairly short amount of time, whether actively (as with exercising), or passively (as with breathing).

Understanding there are commonplace facets of our collective lifestyles that put us at a higher risk of developing mild to severe dehydration, here are some insights and tips from preeminent health experts help you stay happily hydrated:

How Much Water Do You Need? 
According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Many factors impact how much water you need, including your age, gender, activity level and overall health … For women, the amount of total water is about 11.5 cups per day and for men about 15.5 cups. These estimates, however, include fluids consumed from both foods and beverages, including water. You typically get about 20 percent of the water you need from the food you eat. Taking that into account, women need about nine cups of fluid per day and men about 12.5 cups in order to help replenish the amount of water that is lost.”

What Are Common Causes of Dehydration?
According to the Mayo Clinic, “Sometimes dehydration occurs for simple reasons: You don’t drink enough because you’re sick or busy, or because you lack access to safe drinking water when you’re traveling, hiking or camping.” While certainly not all-inclusive, known causes for dehydration can encompass sweating from exercise and playing a sport; air travel; traversing in overly hot, humid, cold or windy weather conditions; drinking too much coffee and other diuretic beverages; recovering from a hangover; and a litany of other relatively commonplace daily activities.

Do All Fluids Hydrate the Body?
No. The Cleveland Clinic is very clear with its advisory that “Some beverages are better than others at preventing dehydration,” and that “alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, teas and colas, are not recommended for optimal hydration. These fluids tend to pull water from the body and promote dehydration. Fruit juice and fruit drinks may have too many carbohydrates, too little sodium, and may upset the stomach. Adequate hydration will keep your summer activities safer and much more enjoyable.”

What Are Some Benefits of Proper Hydration?
While the benefits of a properly hydrated body are copious, the CDC points to a few top-line health advantages, including keeping your temperature normal; lubricating and cushioning joints, protecting your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues; and getting rid of wastes through urination, perspiration and bowel movements. Healthline also offers a number of evidence-based health benefits of drinking plenty of water, which include maximizing physical performance; optimized energy levels and mood; and aiding digestion and elimination. Be mindful of water intake, however, as Dr. Lizaola-Mayo warns, “Drinking too much water or fluid can lead to hyponatremia, which causes sodium in the cells to become diluted and too low and can be dangerous—and even life threatening—if untreated.”

What Are Signs of Early or Mild Dehydration?
The Rehydration Project non-profit organization says that “the degree of dehydration is graded according to signs and symptoms that reflect the amount of fluid lost. In the early stages of dehydration, there are no signs or symptoms. Early features are difficult to detect, but include dryness of mouth and thirst. As dehydration increases, signs and symptoms develop.” According to the organization, symptoms of early or mild dehydration include the following: flushed face; extreme thirst; consuming more than normal or the inability to drink; dry, warm skin; the inability to pass urine or reduced amounts (dark, yellow); dizziness made worse when standing; weakness; cramping in the arms and legs; crying with few or no tears; sleepiness or irritableness; sickness; headaches; dry mouth or dry tongue with thick saliva.

What Are Signs of Moderate to Severe Dehydration?
The Rehydration Project also denotes that symptoms of moderate to severe dehydration include low blood pressure; fainting; severe muscle contractions in the arms, legs, stomach, and back; convulsions; a bloated stomach; heart failure; sunken fontanelle—soft spot on a infants head; sunken dry eyes with few or no tears; skin loses its firmness and looks wrinkled; lack of elasticity of the skin (when a bit of skin lifted up stays folded and takes a long time to go back to its normal position); rapid and deep breathing (faster than normal); and a fast, weak pulse. They say that, “In severe dehydration, these effects become more pronounced and the patient may develop evidence of hypovolemic shock, including diminished consciousness; lack of urine output; cool moist extremities; a rapid and feeble pulse (the radial pulse may be undetectable); low or undetectable blood pressure; and peripheral cyanosis. Death follows soon if rehydration is not started quickly.”

Who is At Greatest Risk of Dehydration?
No one is immune to a dehydrated condition, but certain populations are at greater risk. The Mayo Clinic indicates that these vulnerable groups include infants and children, older adults, those with chronic illnesses and people who work or exercise outside. Serious complications can ensue, which they point out can include heat injury (ranging in severity from mild cramps to heat exhaustion or potentially life-threatening heatstroke); urinary tract infections, kidney stones and even kidney failure; seizures due to electrolyte imbalance, sometimes with a loss of consciousness; and low blood volume (hypovolemic) shock.  They say it’s time to call your doctor if you or a loved one “has had diarrhea for 24 hours or more; is irritable or disoriented and much sleepier or less active than usual; can’t keep down fluids; and/or has bloody or black stool.”

How Can You Be a Water-Wise Shopper?
The USDA recommends consumers shop smartly, advising us toUse the Nutrition Facts label to choose beverages at the grocery store. The food label and ingredients list contain information about added sugars, saturated fat, sodium and calories to help you make better choices.”  There are also highly efficacious and economical dehydration avoidance and treatment innovations that can be integrated into one’s lifestyle and used on a daily basis. The experts at SOS Hydration explain that their medically-formulated drink-mix powder accelerates hydration equivalent to an I.V. drip, rehydrating the body fully three-times faster than by drinking water alone. This unique product’s heightened hydration process leverages the body’s digestive “sodium/glucose co-transport system”—an Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF.

Can Foods Help You Stay Hydrated?
Yes, the body intakes hydration not only from water and other liquids, but foodstuffs as well—some boasting as much 90 percent water content. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, those in the 90-100 percent water content range include fruits like cantaloupe, strawberries and watermelon; as well as vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, celery, spinach and cooked squash. The organization further states that options with a 70 to 89 percent water content include fruits like bananas, grapes, oranges, pears and pineapples; vegetables such as carrots, cooked broccoli and avocados; and dairy products like yogurt, cottage cheese and ricotta cheese. For drinks, the good folks at EatRight.org advise we focus on unsweetened beverages, like water, in order to limit calories from added sugars, and to use strategies to increase water intake—like adding a flavor enhancer. For this, a fruit-flavored rehydration accelerant like the SOS Hydration drink mix can do tasty double duty.

Can Sports Drinks Actually Undermine Hydration?
Yes. Why pay extra money for excess sugar when what you really need are electrolytes?  Dr. Lizaola-Mayo says that, “in truth, only a very small amount of sugar is required to help transport electrolytes and water into the cells as part of the sodium glucose co-transport system. In fact, this system is mosteffective when it utilizes one molecule of sugar and one molecule of sodium in combination, which helps create the fastest and most effective way to transport water into the cells for hydration. Even water rehydration and other drinks that do actually claim to utilize the sodium glucose co-transport system have been shown to contain excess sugar to enhance taste, apparently discounting the fact that that this added sugar commensurately increases calorie count and actually undermines cellular H2O absorption. If there is excess sugar in a drink, even one engineered as a rehydration solution, then you can trigger reverse osmosis. This process occurs when there is an incorrect balance of sugar to sodium. Sodium always follows sugar and water always follows sodium. In a drink that is correctly balanced (utilizing the sodium glucose co-transport system) then the water and electrolytes optimally flow into the cells.  In high sugar “rehydration” drinks there is too much sugar for the quantity of sodium and, as such, sodium and then water is actually leeched from the cells and passed out of the body as urine.  This can actually cause dehydration—the opposite effect for a rehydration or sports beverage one has spent their hard-earned dollars to purchase.”

So whether indoors or out, active or at rest, suffering illness or perfectly healthy, one thing is clear: Keeping your water sources well at hand and ingesting with regularity (and consistency) can have a profoundly beneficial effect on your health and well-being. It’s one easy and highly accessible assist for a multitude of maladies.







https://rehydrate.org/dehydration/index.html#Water 101: Guidance from the CDC, USDA, Mayo Clinic, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and other top-tier experts and physicians on proper hydration, dehydration avoidancesymptoms







***Some or all of the accommodations(s), experience(s), item(s) and/or service(s) detailed above may have been provided or arranged at no cost to accommodate this review, but all opinions expressed are entirely those of Merilee Kern and have not been influenced in any way.***

March Ellie Activewear Collaboration

Comfy chic on the blog today! While our worlds have changed drastically, I still believe comfy outfit is absolute perfection. Whether you’re relaxing, working from home or working out at home, @EllieActiveWear has so many cute options for you. I’ve been teaming up @EllieActivewear for quite some time now and the March box totally knocked it out of the park. A subscription box that’s useful and loved by many who wear athletic gear. A new collection launches the first of every month. Choose 1 of 3 pre-styled fitness
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My Testament to God’s Goodness…

My Beautiful Testament to God’s Goodness…

4 years ago, I was sitting in the car listening to a local Christian radio station in Atlanta. This particular weekend was the weekend before I was scheduled to have major surgery. I prayed and asked God to let His will be done. In my mind, I knew God was going to show up and show out in such a huge way that I wouldn’t even need surgery. I remember the exact moment when Lara Story’s song “Blessings” began playing on the radio. As I listened to the words,The Lord said to me, “Trust me.” As tears fell down my face, I knew God had a plan for my surgery. I knew I couldn’t possibly live the rest of my life with a massive tumor in my abdomen, I knew something had to change for my quality of life to improve. But, I wanted God to take it away. I wanted a miracle to happen. Little did I know, I would have a story that would be a tremendous testament to His grace.

I can’t tell you the amount of people I’ve shared my testimony with because I’ve lost count. God had me speaking life into people while I was facing my own storms. He laid it on my heart to share my testimony with so many people while I was in the hospital, as I was going through recuperation and years later. God took an event in my life that was very painful and turned it into something beautiful. The smile on my face isn’t because I haven’t been through the fire… My smile is because I’ve been refined! Most of the people who inspire others have walked through life changing circumstances themselves.

God is in the midst of every storm we face in this life. The devil had a plan to kill me from surgery complications, but God had a greater plan! He is our defender. There is nothing in this life that can steal my joy because I’ve seen God’s favor and grace. I’ve been betrayed. I’ve been lied on and judged. I’ve been taken for granted, but I’m still standing! Every attack makes me STRONGER! And I will continue to stand because I know where my help comes from.

Your biggest blessings often come in the form of disappointments, friends. I encourage you, if you’re facing something right now, know that God is there and He is faithful to keep you as you walk through life’s hardships and disappointments. Many of you are walking through situations where you’re about to lose faith and I want to encourage you to keep standing. Hard times don’t last long but tough times do! You are stronger than anything threatening to steal your joy. Brokenness, sickness, heartache, doubt, depression, fear, can not stand when God is there! Keep running the race, friends. You are HIS precious prize!-Inspirational Speaker
Anita Ford! #faith #grace #love #miracles #growth #life #warriors #jesus #restored #renewed #sharethisstory #savedclassyandchic1CB74328-A6EF-48E2-9124-5D219A9F19CD

Broken but still BEAUTIFUL!♥️


I am a person who loves to help other people. God has given me a heart that recognizes when other people are in pain or in need. At the same time, He continuously reminds me that I am a vessel that He is shaping into something beautiful. My best would never been good enough if I didn’t have Jesus. In fact, my entire life’s purpose would be different. We live in a world where social media encourages people to pretend to have perfect lives, but the truth is…Life can get messy. You will walk through an unexpected situation, face heartache and disappointments, but you learn from the past, if you allow it to. Ultimately, life is a culmination of events that guide you to the place you need to be. And the truth is, when you trust in the Lord, you arrive at places you could only dream of in the past. You will walk through winning seasons and you will walk through losing seasons, but my beautiful truth is… I’m not who I once was. I’ve walked through fires, I’ve walked through trials and tribulations and I’ve been refined. The last several months have been defining moments for me. Adversity comes our way to shake us up and point us to the cross. Keep your eyes on the prize, friends! Happy Tuesday!

Ellie Activewear February Collection

What does self care mean to you? Self care to me means taking time to unwind, spending time with people I care about the most and working on my dreams! So, whether I’m running errands or spending time relaxing, Ellie Activewear is my favorite to wear. This month’s February outfit is another piece of floral bliss! It’s super cute, lightweight and so stylish. And, can we mention how cute great the fit of these leggings are?

Choose 1 of 3 pre-styled fitness
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February Nimb Collaboration

Hey Friends!


I’m teaming up with Nimb for an entire year to talk about the benefits of their wonderful Nimb rings. If you’re new around here, you know I only collaborate with companies that I believe in and I fully trust Nimb’s products.

February is a month where love is often expressed through gifts, who doesn’t want their loved ones to feel protected when they are alone? Giving a Nimb ring to your loved one not only provides them a way to contact first responders should an emergency happen, but it also gives you and your loved piece of mind. Often times, cell phone signals might not be available when an emergency arises, so added security measures are necessary. Be sure to check out the variety of rings Nimb Rings has in stock by viewing their website!