Game Day Style and 10 Random Facts About Me

I loved being back at my Alma Mater last weekend! It’s so nice to visit a place where you experienced tremendous growth as a person. I’m a proud Alumni of Troy University where I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology. I feel so blessed to have had the best professors, ever! My professors recognized talents in me that I didn’t recognize in myself at the time and I can’t express how grateful I am to have had a such a positive learning environment. So, while I’m sharing about my college and graduate school, I figured it’s also necessary to share 10 Random Things About Me…. Here we go!


10 Random Facts About Me:
1.I’m an Army brat. 2.I’m the youngest and only girl. I have two older brothers. I’m extremely light hearted. I love to laugh and yes, I’m definitely a girlie girl! Lol. 3.I’m a counselor. I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology. 4.I’m also an Inspirational Speaker and Writer. 5.I’m an introvert. God has big plans for me, so He catapulted me into public platforms. It’s amazing how He prepares us for everything He wants us to do.6.I love, love, love football! I’m a huge Troy and Auburn fan. 7. I love spontaneous road trips on the weekends. 8. I’m not married. 9. I love Jesus with all of my heart and He has given me a tremendous burden to minister to those who are hurting. 10. I’m extremely comfortable in my own skin and I love who I am.I wouldn’t want to be anyone other than who God called me to be.

One response to “Game Day Style and 10 Random Facts About Me”

  1. I’m loving this blog post. I used to date a guy that went to Auburn for his undergraduate and Troy for his maters. We always went to the games. Your dress is gorgeous!! Thanks for linking up!


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