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Hey Loves!

The holidays are here and I’m teaming up with a few beautiful blogger friends on this special post! I think it’s so awesome to learn more about the people you follow on social media, so let me know if you like this post and I’ll be sure to incorporate more in the future.

ONE: What is your favorite holiday tradition? I love family time. After exchanging gifts on Christmas Day, we get in the car and drive over to light festival. We make hot chocolate and cookies to take with us, and we spend time together, soaking up all of the gorgeous Christmas lights and making memories.

TWO: What is your favorite go to winter lippies?
I love bold lips in both the warmer and cooler months. My favorite lip color as of right now is MAC Lady Danger.


THREE: What is your favorite winter scent? (candles, perfume etc.)

I wear the same perfume all year around and I absolutely love this scent! Marc Jacobs Daisy is so fresh and clean, and I also love the fact that the scent lingers a little bit in the room and on your clothing.

For candles, any winter scent from Bath and Body Works is fabulous! I have so many
favorites, so I’m linking a few right here:

FOUR: What is your go to winter fashion trend? I love all things classy, cozy and chic. Here are a few of my favorite looks and I’ll also link more if you’d like to shop them.

FIVE: What is your all time favorite holiday movie?
I must admit, when I have extra free time, (which is rare these days), I love watching movies on the Hallmark Movie Network. My all time favorite movie is,”It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out on a super cute holiday movie!

SIX:What is your all time favorite holiday tune? I enjoy the classics, but I’m truly a huge fan of jazz music. Some of my favorite artists have the most beautiful Christmas albums. Be sure to check out these artists-Chris Botti, Kirk Whalum, Wayman Tisdale, Brian Culbertson and Kenny G.

SEVEN: Do you prefer to travel or stay home for the holidays?
I usually travel to be with family or my family takes a family vacation. One of favorite Christmas vacations was when my family visited the Biltmore Estate in Asheville,NC. It had snowed the day before and there was still a beautiful blanket of snow everywhere we went. The Biltmore Estate is breathtakingly beautiful. If you haven’t had a chance to visit yet, I highly recommend visiting soon.

EIGHT: What is your favorite winter skin care must have?
I have very sensitive skin that is eczema prone, so my skin care must have are Cetaphil products. I use the cleanser, moisturizer and the lotion. I also go to the spa once every few months to get a facial or glycolic acid peel to aid in the overall health of my skin.

NINE: What is your favorite winter hair care product? The winter months take a lot out of your skin and hair, for hair care, I love carrot oil and coconut oil. Both can be applied as a hot oil treatment.

TEN: What is your favorite winter activity? Traveling! I love seeing different places during the holidays. I also love all the festive decor and holiday recipes. The holidays are definitely a fun, festive time to spend with the ones you love.

ELEVEN: What is your favorite must have winter beauty product? Taste Eye Dhadow Paelltes! Excellent color payoff and longstaying eyeshadows. Here’s a few links to shop my favorites.

TWELVE: Do you love or hate the snow?
I’m a southern girl, so you know that I love, love, love the snow!

THIRTEEN: What is one item on your wish list this year? I have all Apple Products except my laptop. So, this year an Apple Laptop is on my wish list.

FOURTEEN: What is your favorite holiday treat?
I found out a little over a year ago that I am allergic to gluten. So, I am gluten free and still finding my favorites with regards to Christmas treats. But, I do love GF Chocolate Chip cookies!

FIFTEEN: Do you finish your holiday shopping before December or are you a last minute shopper? I am a mixture of both. I try to get the bulk of my main shopping done for friends and family online. The last minute gifts that I need to buy are usually stocking stuffers.

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2 responses to “Blogmas Tag!”

  1. I love this post Anita and the inclusion of some personal photos! So pretty! I love, love the Biltmore Estate too. I haven’t been at the holidays yet, but it’s definitely on my list. As for your Apple laptop…just do it! You’ll never go back. I got mine this year, and I use it more than I ever used any other laptop.


  2. Okay, I tried to comment, and it disappeared, so here goes again (in case it posts twice)! I love this post Anita, and I love the fact that you included personal photos! It’s so pretty! The Biltmore Estate is so pretty. I haven’t been at the holidays, but it’s definitely on my list. As for the Apple laptop…just get it!! I got mine this year, and I’m in love with it. I think I’ve used it more than any other laptop! This was such a fun post to do!


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