Happy New Year-2018!

As we enter this new year-We are entering a new season.. A season with fresh anointing.. A season when we can look towards the future & not the past.. A season in which we learn to let go of the things that stress us out in life…And most of all, a season in which the Father’s love is more evident in our lives than it’s ever been before. It’s time to heal our world. It’s time to step out in faith & launch towards our individual greatness the Father has planted inside of us. It’s time to turn dreams into plans. It’s time to take leaps of faith. It’s time to erase fears. And most of all, it’s time to realize that we alone.. Are capable.. Loved.. Unique.. And treasured..When we step into our own greatness, we begin to realize that there are no failures in life.. Only reasons to try again..

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