Auburn Game Day Outfits

I received a ton of messages asking me how I style my Auburn Game Day outfits. Here’s a few pictures from the past 8 years. Game days are definitely the best days! So, one thing I don’t do is.. I don’t buy a bunch of apparel with team logos on them. I love incorporating orange, blue, tan, black and even dark brown into my Game Day attire for a look that is completely my own. I also dress for comfort. I know game days involve a lot of walking, so I want to be sure my shoes are cute and functional. Next, I try to incorporate accessories that will last me the entire season. This year, I wore several hats and scarves to the games to make my outfits pop.
If you love my outfits and encouraging posts, I’d love to have you as a part of my closed Facebook group-SavedClassyandChic Gems. I love seeing people be their best self. I will also be collaborating with groups my friends have founded. At the end of the day, it’s all about collaboration. There’s more than enough room for everyone to win. Happy Saturday, loves!


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