See that scar on my chest.. That’s a keloid scar. I spend a lot of time answering questions from people who demand answers as to why I have a scar. I’ll also get weird looks and some people will be downright nasty when commenting about my scar. But, at the end of the day, I believe we all have scars. Some people have scars that are seen and some people have scars that are not seen. I’ve seen people be shamed for their scars, their weight, their beliefs, their clothing, their house, their cars and I often wonder when we as a society found it acceptable to be mean to other people.It breaks my heart to see generations of people who thrive solely on being nasty to others. Social media wants people to portray themselves as being perfect, but we are all walking through life, one day at a time. When I started my speaker’s page and my blogging page, I promised myself that I would always be true to who I am. I also promised myself that I would never allow other people’s negative outlook on life cause me to be nasty to others. I believe in meeting people right where they are in this life. I believe in loving myself and others because God made us in such a unique way, and we should never question his beautiful creation. When you look at life through eyes that truly recognize none of us are perfect.. You also begin to realize that you should always BE KIND. In February, I’m launching a campaign that talks about self love and loving others. I want to bring awareness to mistreatment of others and encourage people to be encouraging and inspiring. I want people to be OBSESSED with treating people right. In 2018, we are throwing comparison and competition out of the window because there is more than enough room for everyone to win! DEBC3BA5-E1B0-4C63-BBFB-81C821AE947D

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