5 Things About Me-A Collaboration with Julie from GingerPhotog

Hey Loves!

We’re back! 😊 So, Julie and I were discussing ideas for blog posts, and we decided to create a fun blog post that would tell our amazing readers more about who we are. I love being able to get to know the people I follow on a personal level because I believe we all have more in common than just fashion. Although fashion is a love of mine, I also enjoy connecting with people. So, here are a few unique facts about me!

1) I’m a Counselor. I studied Counseling and Psychology at Troy University where I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. My graduate school experience was top notch. I was so blessed to have professors who were not only my mentors, but they were also some of the greatest friends anyone could have. It’s a blessing to have people in your life that recognize greatness in you before you even recognize it in yourself. Ever since I was a young child, I wanted to have a career that I could make someone’s life better. I wanted to be someone that changed the world, one person at a time.

2)I’m a retired beauty pageant queen. My mom entered me in pageants when I was 5 years old because I was painfully shy and I didn’t like to talk to anyone other than my teachers, family and close friends. Well, little did I know, pageants would soon become a hobby that I absolutely loved! I competed until I was 23 years old. One of my most memorable pageant queen experiences was when I won my hometown’s city pageant which then advanced me to the Miss National Peanut Frstival pageant. My experiences at Miss NPF were so amazing and we were treated like royalty. I also gained many life long friendships with talented and beautiful ladies that I absolutely adore. My mother always instilled me that being pageants wasn’t always about winning. She wanted me to do my best, but she also wanted me to learn how to compete with grace and poise regardless of if I walked away as the winner that evening or not. While competing in pageants, my love for fashion modeling grew and I also modeled.

3)I’m also an Inspirational Speaker and Writer(Inspirational Speaker Anita Ford on IG, FB and Twitter).  Yes, you read that correctly! I love the way God stretches us and molds us into who He wants us to become. God showed me my talents in writing and speaking many years ago, but I had no idea what He was going to do in order to use me for the Kingdom. I always tell people that when God places a calling in your heart, you will not truly experience living fully until you start walking in your purpose.

And, since Valentine’s Day is almost here, I’ll share some excerpts from my soulmate series.

4) I love surrounding myself with people who are authentic and intentional because I am the same way. I believe in quality friends versus  quantity. In this life, there will be people that you meet and you instantly connect with them. I believe those are the people that are meant to stay in your life and I’m so thankful for those sweet souls. I am someone who doesn’t enjoy facades and negativity. I believe in treating people right.

One of the most life changing things you could ever do in this life is surround yourself  with people who continuously root for your rise and you root for theirs. Life is too short to allow yourself to be around people who truly don’t care about you. Friendships aren’t meant to be one sided.  We are blessed to be a fountain that is overflowing, not a drain that is continuously draining people around us.

5) I’m comfortable in my own skin.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I can compliment other women without feeling threatened. I know that I am beautiful the God made me to be. I love all of my scars and life experiences because God has taken trials and tribulations and made me into the person I am today. I don’t believe in perfection. I don’t believe in competing or excluding other people. I believe in loving people right where they are in this life. In a world that wants to be flawless, I feel it’s more important to be real.


I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know more about us. Be sure to head on over to Julie’s blog and check out her amazing post on http://www.gingerphotog.com.  As always, we are so thankful for your support!

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