Phonetic EyeWear Collaboration

Hey Loves!

I am so exciting to be collaborating with Phonetic Eyewear to give one lucky follower a pair of Computer Eyewear frames! So, be sure to head on over to my Instagram to enter.


Our society is technology driven and often times, we spend hours on our mobile devices and computers not recognizing the strain it’s placing on our eyes. Eye strain is common among people who use technology for long hours and it can lead to neck pain, migraines and even dry or teary eyes.


So, what is Phonetic Eyewear doing to solve this common issue? They’ve created the best blue light blocking frames,ever. Phonetic Eyewear’s frames block the harmful Violet/Blue light that is emitted from mobile devices, tablets and computers. It is estimated that Americans spend 10 hours using technology everyday. If you think about it, we’re always connected in some way.


Phonetic Eyewear’s frames are very affordable. Frames range from $49 to $99. I was able to select my own frames and I selected the Quinn frame in Tortoise. When the frames arrived, they arrived in a box that can also serve as a case and a cleaning cloth is included. The  frame is fashionable and durable, and it is available in a few other colors. The lenses are prescription lens quality.

I’ve tested many frames from various manufacturers and price points and the quality just isn’t the same. With Phonetic, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality frames for your money.


Overall, my review of Phonetic Eyewear is excellent. I wore my glasses from Phonetic every time I used my computer and my mobile device for extended periods of time. I noticed less eye irritation and headaches. Usually, after looking at the screen for a long period of time, my eyes feel tired and dry. So, wearing the glasses made a tremendous difference and I will continue to wear them. Be sure to check out all of Phonetic Eyewear’s products! Happy Friday, loves!

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