Photage App Collaboration

F5977362-5565-42D7-A85D-85AD6F71F3DCHey Loves! 😊

We all love our keepsakes and today I’m sharing about an app that makes it possible for people to print and treasure their memories for a lifetime. I’m so excited to be collaborating with Photoage! I mean, who doesn’t love prints?!? Well, @photageapp has taken prints one step further.. They have designed two great options, canvases and stickers. The prints are vivid, high quality and best of all, you can reposition every canvas and sticker! How many times have you placed a sticker somewhere and decided it would look better somewhere else? Well, this app was made just for you! @photageapp has been super generous to give me a code exclusively for my followers. All of my followers can use the code, *Anita715* to get a free small print. Be sure to let me know when you use the code and tag me when you receive your print. I’d love to see all of your pictures! Happy Saturday!

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