Beautiful Souls

Beautiful Souls 


I believe beauty radiates from the inside. A beautiful heart that is filled with compassion and love is most beautiful to me. But, somehow our world has shaped many minds into thinking that beauty on the outside is all that truly matters.

The world wants you to feel like you are no more than….

Your size

Your looks

Your failures

Your marital status

Your occupation

Your past mistakes

Your social status 

The number you see on the scale

Your education

And, your income


When you wake up each morning and you look in the mirror, my hope is that you will always see a beautiful reflection looking back at you. Often times, it takes years for some people to realize just how valuable they are. Your past doesn’t determine your future. We all experience trials and tribulations, but you can’t let a temporary situation knock you down for the count.The next time you feel as if you’re not enough always remember, you are a gem.


There comes a point in your life when you have to remind yourself that you are whole. You have to tell yourself that you are beautiful inside and out. You are smart. You are strong. You are kind. And, most of all you are loved.. Just the way you are.

There are two important facets when it comes to living a beautiful life: First,facilitate an environment condusive to others feeling valued and loved. We are on this earth to recognize talents and abilities in others. Allow people to flourish in their gifts without fear of them taking your spot. If you have the ability to help someone, help them. Second you must be secure in yourself. Your light shines when you encourage others to pursue their dreams.


3 of the greatest things you could ever do for others is to-Empower, Inspire and Encourage them to live their best life. There’s more than enough room for everyone to win.



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