Nordstrom Sale-More versatile pieces that I love! ♥️

Hey Loves!
I’m sure you’ve noticed many bloggers are posting about the Nordstrom sale because it’s a sale that happens in July & a lot of the Fall items are on a pretty good sale. There are a few ways bloggers chose to advertise the sale and all approaches are great. You will see many bloggers who went in the store and purchased items for the sale to host try-on sessions. A lot of my readers have been asking if I purchased items for the sale. I didn’t purchase any items beforehand to host a try-on session. I chose to link items that I already have or want to incorporate in my own fall and winter wardrobe. I may visit the store when public access starts in order to show you all some of the pieces that I linked that I don’t have.

One of the things that I want to be clear about with this sale is that I’m not linking over priced items that I wouldn’t purchase myself. Many of my readers are looking for investment pieces or pieces that can be worn many different ways. I want to deliver those items to you and show you how to style them. Every blogger that is with a blogger organization makes a small commission for items we link and we appreciate those who choose to shop items that we style. So, if you shop with our links, you are supporting us and we appreciate your support. But, please don’t feel pressured to buy anything if you’re not needing any new items. I want to show ladies how to incorporate budget friendly pieces and look like a million bucks! I appreciate those who have been so awesome in supporting my journey and know that I am thankful for all of you! I’m sharing more of my favorites from the Nordstrom sale. I’m linking items that are versatile, classy and chic.

Versatile Items
2A0D5EA1-569D-48C4-9C26-D62225D479A3Long Sleeve Ruched Dress

Top Shop Faux Leather Jacket

2CF7E370-FCD0-4CEC-A3BA-0C637EC70E4CBP Varsity Sweater

Blank NYC Moto Jacket

3FCA635C-A3F2-471A-A8DB-7FC05AE3EC82Leith Wrap Dress

F0273EC4-6072-447A-A595-D88407A07EE0TOPSHOP Jacket

0578B305-7E02-4B69-A551-20E336CAC3D3Teddy Bear Coat

BP Sweater

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