Nordstrom Public Sale

Hey Loves!

I’m rounding up a few favorited from the Nordstrom Sale that are all priced UNDER 150. Be sure to let me know if you’re looking for something I haven’t linked yet. Happy Friday!

52DE4514-ABBA-4232-83F8-4D0889D8E2A9Vneck Sweater

Baker Boy HatBB167273-8B67-4CB3-8B11-5BA29AB5B3B0


Leopard Print Mules821614FB-B5ED-46DD-A7F5-27C4A9C1774F

Oversize Midi CoatA6373E3A-2F81-4979-9792-E3D98858C017

Faux Fur Midi Coat

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