Magnet Mount Collaboration

Depending on where you live, hands-free devices are mandatory while driving. It’s so important to stay focused on the road. I’ve teamed up with Magnet Mount to bring you a review of their innovative products. Magnet Mount generously sent me two mounts in the colors gold and rose gold. First, the mount itself is so sleek. It’s small, so you can easily transfer the mount to other cars. A7BDC1E6-2DE2-43DF-AB32-DD7AB679472B

Second, Magnet Mounts are easy to install. Simply peel the magnetic plate and place it on the back of your phone. Once the plate is attached, the phone will magnetically adhere to the mount when the device is close to the mount. Each mount has a convenient swivel design, so the display of the phone can be seen multiple ways.


8F4880BA-A32C-4E46-ADFB-DBFC27E7B598Third, Magnet Mounts are designed with the driver in mind. Each mount stays in place while the car is in motion. Be sure to head over to the Magnet Mount Website to order your mount! There’s a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.  So, try it out. Risk-free!

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