Burst Oral Care Collaboration

Hey Friends!

I’ve been collaborating with @toothbrushlife and @burstoralcare the past three weeks, so I’m giving you my honest opinion tonight. I’ve been searching for a sonic toothbrush that provides great results and I’m so happy with this one. My teeth feel so smooth after using this brush. I love the fact that this toothbrush has 3 different modes. My teeth actually feel super clean like they do whenever I leave the Dentist’s office after a cleaning. To give you a little bit of background, I wore braces for several years in high school and college. I’ve always had very white teeth, but after wearing braces I noticed the color of my teeth changed a little bit. So, after that, I began using items that would give me a vibrant smile. I’ve switched back and forth between a manual toothbrush and the results aren’t the same. Its a new year and if you’re someone that would like to try an awesome toothbrush head on over to @toothbrushlife. Y’all want to join me? Head on over this link to purchase your own. There’s even a 40 percent off coupon! Head over to burstoralcare.com and use the code: FFERVX to receive a 40 percent discount. I’ll add a swipe up link in my stories for those that are interested. Happy Sunday!


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