Saranghae Skincare Love Story


Love the Skin You’re In

Let’s face it, friends. Skin is a topic that always seems to come up at various stages in our lives. And, although many of us have had ups and downs with our skin, it’s so important to love who you are. You were uniquely made and created to be exactly who you are. When I think of self love, I think of taking care of yourself after a busy week. Or maybe taking time to spend some time relaxing and doing the things you love. It’s so important to lead a balanced life that includes hard work AND relaxation. Is this easier said that done? Sometimes, but when you learn to set aside time for yourself, your body will thank you.


So, let’s talk skin. I grew up competing in beauty pageants, so skin became important to me early on. In my teen years and into my early twenties, I started to have trouble with cystic acne. You know, the acne that is super noticeable… I would try products televised on tv and they’d work a little while, but I would always stop seeing results after a few months. I finally decided that I would go to see a Dermatologist. After seeing a Dermatologist, it was recommended that I start a series of Glycolic Treatments. After I started Glycolic Treatments, my skin started to respond in such a huge way. For the first time, my skin actually began healing. It was such a great feeling to see my skin improving. Since my 20’s, I’ve been someone who hasn’t had many issues with my skin breakout wise, but I have developed sensitive skin. Which is the reason I spend so much time researching products before I ever use them on my skin.


As a blogger, I have an awesome opportunity to try many different skincare brands and if they’re not legit-I don’t share them with my readers. I believe in authenticity and integrity within my brand. Every brand that I choose to share has changed my skin in a great way, and that’s why I love Saranghae Skincare. Saranghae knows skincare and their brand is authentic, top notch and cutting edge. The first couple of times using Saranghae, I noticed my skin was dewy and glowing. I believe you can truly tell the difference when you’re applying quality products with nourishing ingredients on your skin. I’m always cautious of new brands because of skin sensitivity, but after using Saranghae, I had no skin sensitivity. Yes, you read that correctly. No sensitivity at all. 


So, who would I recommend these products to? Anyone who is willing to make an investment on their skin. We spend money hundreds of dollars on makeup, but often times we skimp on facial products. If you’re willing to make an investment on your skin and take the time to care for your skin, I guarantee the results will be worthwhile. I encourage you to embark on a journey that includes loving yourself from the inside out and loving the beautiful skin you’re in. There’s only one you. Be sure to check out Saranghea on all social channels. You won’t regret purchasing their products! If you do purchase their products and you aren’t satisfied, Saranghae offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 


DADFFBE5-57AD-4F26-8A59-155789293F99.jpegFor more information please visit: Saranghae

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