Myro Collaboration

D9DDCA66-525B-4C82-8946-EEF3E31C8635.jpegI love sharing all things natural, so when I had a chance to collaborate with @itsmymyro I was so excited to try plant based deodorant. So, basically the entire system is $10.00. You select the color of your case and the scent of deodorant-That’s it. Replacements arrive every three months. You get to choose whether you want to change the scent or pause the shipment. I chose the scent “solar flare.” With no aluminum, parabens, phthalates or talc to mess with your day. Only clean ingredients, barley powder to keep you dry and essential oils that release scent over time, not all at once.

I love the fact that I’m wearing a natural product that smells good and it’s long lasting. I have been so cautious about products with toxic additives. Be sure to head on over to @itsmymyro for more details. Myro

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