Braves Season

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Spring and Summer time in the south definitely doesn’t get much better than spending time with friends, relaxing, traveling and going to a Braves game. So, maybe you’re not a Braves fan just yet, but I promise you… Go to one game and you will have a great time! Baseball was always my favorite to watch on television growing up. I wasn’t much of a football fan at the time, but I always enjoyed watching baseball.

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white baseball ball on brown leather baseball mitt
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Maybe you’re wondering if there are other attractions you can see while you’re in the city that won’t break the bank? SunTrust Park is conveniently located next to shops, restaurants and hotels. You’re also fairly close to the Downtown Atlanta area where there are many attractions for the family, as well. So, tell me again why you haven’t seen what Atlanta has to offer? Plan a trip this summer with your friends, significant other or family. Take a weekend to visit Atlanta and enjoy all the city has to offer. You will not be disappointed!


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