Turn Your Home Into an Oasis-Collaborating with Triton Pools.


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The warmer months are approaching, and many people are going on vacation. But, I also believe your home should be your oasis. Home is definitely where the heart is. I believe everyone needs a place at home in which they can unwind and rejuvenate themselves after a stressful day. The place where you feel most alive can often be your creative space and your place of refuge. Here are 4 tips to transform your home for the spring and summer.

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Transform your bedroom by painting the walls.  It’s no secret that wall color can affect our mood. Often times, bright, airy colors awaken the senses and make people feel alive. The room you spend the most time in should always be a place of comfort. The interior colors of your home should reflect your personality. If you’re someone that loves color, adding a vibrant color to your room will awaken your creativity. If you’re someone that loves soft hues, changing your wall colors to a calming hue will give you an added sense of tranquilty.

“Getting creative with color in your home can be an excellent (and inexpensive) way to refresh your state of mind. The overlying colors in your home should make you feel good. “In the bedroom, depressed individuals looking to boost their mood should decorate the room with at least 20 percent of one of their favorite colors, one that is more vibrant versus using flat colors only,” Yin says. Beyond painting your walls, you can choose bedding, furniture, or decorative pillows and blankets in your favorite shade. You can also try incorporating colors that are soothing, including light blues and greens, suggests Ken Lauher, a New York City feng shui consultant. Paint can replicate the effect of sunlight on your walls. “I actually use a paint from Benjamin Moore that mimics the effect of sunlight,” Gomez says. “It helps soften the walls and give the room a feeling of glowing sunlight.” Everyday Health

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You can give your bedroom a mini makeover by purchasing new bedding, pillows, or curtains. Often times, adding pops of color or patterns can take a space from drab to fab! I change my bedding and pillows every season. I feel like it’s so nice to have a different look in my room when the seasons change. You can find many bedding sets that are affordable and great quality by simply shopping around to find the best deal. Incorporate patterns and bright colors by changing your pillows. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make a space your own.

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Invest in candles. Aromatherapy is an easy way to change the overall mood of your space. If you’re a fan of certain scents, you can bring them to life in your home. Many people use candles and essential oils to add a signature scent to their home. There’s nothing better than making your space inviting.

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Last but not least, if your indoor decor is great, why not change your outdoor decor? Adding a pool, or a patio automatically changes your home into a spot that is inviting for visitors.  Think of all the gatherings you can host. Not only will your space be inviting for visitors, but having a relaxing space of your own can improve your overall health. Self-care is important and every day is an opportunity to reduce stress in your life. “These are some ways to practice self-care, and how a pool can help: Take Time Yourself, Away From Others. It’s easy to get into a pattern of serving others and to forget to make time for yourself, especially if you have a demanding job or a family with children. It’s important, and healthy, to have alone time that you can use to recharge and do what makes you happy. A swimming pool offers a serene and peaceful space, just steps from your door, where you can take that time away from your hectic life and plan some alone time.Hard work has its benefits, but without rest, your body and mind won’t function as well. As the weather warms up, taking time in the evenings or weekends to rest by the pool can help you recharge. You may find the added rest enables you to be sharper and perform even better!” Leisure Pool Services. Ultimately, changing your environment will make a huge difference.

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