Faster Way To Fat Loss


As many of you have noticed, I’ve been posting more about my workouts on Facebook. I tend to work out 5 to 6 times a week. I love lifting weights. I’ve been lifting weights since my teenage years, but I really started to focus on weight training in college and graduate school. When I was younger, I was super thin. I had a high metabolism, and couldn’t gain weight even if I tried. Fast forward to now, my body type gains muscle quickly. So, my overall goal is continue building muscles. 

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This week starts a 7 week journey for me with a brand new program. I have a fitness background, but a lot of the lifestyle changes in this routine are amazing and I’ve seen great results on other people. So, I figured why not add this to my fitness routine. I would like to lean out 10 pounds. I do not want to lose a large amount of weight. I would like to sleep better and this program helps with that, as well. I will be sharing with you my workout check-ins, my grocery cart and my meals. So, get ready! 

I’m teaming up with an amazing coach and she’s adding another round to Faster Way to Fat Loss on May 13th. The results for this program speak for themselves. Google search or search on Instagram and you will see the amount of people that have been impacted by this new way of life. Whether you’re already active or you’re looking to gain more strength and start an active lifestyle, this program is for you. What’s stopping you from making an investment in yourself? If you’d like to join me, click the link to sign up.

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