Faster Way to Fat Loss


You know I’m all about sharing great information with you! And today is no different. So, as you might remember-I’ve been participating in the Faster Way to Fat Loss program the last 7 weeks. To give you a little bit of background about me, I’ve always been into fitness. I work out regularly, but I’m always looking for great programs that incorporate gluten free recipes and total body nutrition. The program is set up in such an amazing way because you are given an awesome coach and put into a group with other ladies participating in the program. Everyone shares their victories and their losses, but they continue to move forward as the program continues. For me, it was different to log my food every day because I usually just concentrated on eating clean without using an app to calculate calories. So, this was really the only adjustment for me. I’m allergic to nuts, so I substitute a lot healthy fats with different items. I went into the program with goals and I rocked those goals.

So, here’s my photo at week one.


I weighed 185 lbs. My initial goal was to lose 15 lbs. I didn’t want to lose a lot of weight. I simply wanted to lean out a little bit more. I’m happy with my size, so I just wanted to firm and tone certain areas.

Here’s me midway through the program.


You can see the definition in my arms, face and you can also see that my waist has slimmed down. I work out 6 to 7 days a week incorporating both Cardio, Weight Training, Yoga and Pilates.

And, here’s my week 7 results. Stronger, leaner more muscle definition and down 15 POUNDS! Yes, you read that correctly! 15 pounds!


So, here’s my question for you, what’s stopping you from investing in yourself? What would you say if I told you that an initial investment would change your life?

Faster Way to Fat Loss isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. So, how many of you are willing to change your relationship with food and fitness? If you’re ready, be sure to head on over to this page to find out more information about the latest round! I promise you, your life will be changed after the first round.

Faster Way To Fat Loss Sign Up!

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