Smile Brilliant Toothbrush Collaboration

Hi Friends!

Let’s chat toothbrushes. Are you an electric or manual toothbrush type of person?  If you’re like me, I wore braces for an large portion of my teenage and early adult years so taking care of my smile is important to me. When Smile Brilliant reached out to me to collaborate, I was so excited to try their sonic toothbrush because I have heard so many great reviews about their products.
So, here’s a few features that I know you’ll love about the Smile Brilliant (cariPRO) toothbrush: 40,000 vibrations per minute, 5 different brush modes(whiten, clean, gum care, massage and sensitive. Their toothbrush is slim and has a waterproof design which makes this toothbrush safe for a bath or shower. It also has a smart timer and wireless charging dock.
For me, when I look for a new toothbrush, I want a toothbrush with great reviews, technology that improves my oral health and a toothbrush that’s easy to travel
with. Be sure to use the code: Savedclassyandchic20 when purchasing your toothbrush for a 20 percent off discount.Check out all of the great Smile Brilliant reviews here. 

Electric Toothbrush reviews

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