His Precious Prize


I started blogging 3 years ago and my main reason for starting a social media platform was to love others back to life. I am an introvert, but I’m also one of those people that senses when others are hurting and it burdens my heart to see people in pain. I thought of an avenue that people always asked me about and used it as a tool to bring women together. Yes, Fashion is a hobby of mine, but I love pouring into others. It’s important to point people to the cross and help them recognize their value when the world is constantly telling the how to act, how to dress and what they should look like. So, today, I’m sharing a piece I wrote a few years ago that’s still very relevant today.

The world wants us to think that outer beauty, wealth, and fame are important to be successful in this world. But, the truth is, the more we compare our lives to others, we will never feel comfortable in our skin. Intelligence, talents, inner beauty,outer beauty,and love were placed in us with a greater purpose in mind. We can spend all of our time wanting to be someone else, but we never know what that person had to go through to be where they are now. If we had to step in someone else’s shoes and endure what they’ve faced throughout their lives, would we still want their life? Please know, we are all beautiful vessels that God created to impact our world in many different ways. No gifts or talents are more important than others,they all work together for a greater cause. You are His precious prize.You worth can’t be determined by this world. Your worth is in Christ.

Keep your head up, beautiful! You are LOVED!

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