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I imagine God creating women to be beams of light… Light that points people directly to the cross, speaks life into desperate situations and directs people to the word when they need it the most. At the same time, I believe a woman’s broken times often catapult other women to build authentic relationships with one another. If you’re open about what you’ve been through, a shift in the atmosphere happens when veils are lifted. I believe friendships where nothing is hidden and confidentially is valued are some of the best friendships.

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God wants to see a generation of women who truly love him. I can confidently say that I know God is tired of our generation playing church. God wants strong women who step in and love people back to life, not women who say one thing and do another. Sis, you’re fooling yourself if you think you can love God and treat people poorly. Every single person on this world is God’s special somebody and no matter how you look at it, if you want to be an ambassador for Christ you must first recognize that ministry happens every day with the people you come in contact with. How are you treating people? Do you only treat people well who you think can do something for you? What about the women you don’t like? Am I saying women should aim to be perfect? We all make mistakes, but I am saying that we must do better. Satan loves to pit women against each other because He knows how powerful united women are for the Kingdom. So, I’ll ask you this…What are you doing for the Kingdom? Are you helping or hindering the Kingdom? My prayer is that you’re fiercely representing the king by loving women back to life. “Inspirational Speaker Anita Ford

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