Nimb Ring

Give the gift of personal security to your friends and family. I’m partnering with Nimb to bring awareness to their amazing ring made with YOU in mind. The Nimb ring is offered in two colors: Black and White. It’s also available in several sizes. I chose the black ring because I wear a lot of colorful jewelry. The Nimb ring is easy to wear and I always receive compliments when I wear it. I love knowing that I have an added sense security should I ever be unable to reach my phone. The panic button makes it possible to contact 911 and my emergency contacts listed in the app. Imagine a team amazing people who came together with one goal in mind, to save lives. The Nimb team has safety in mind, but they also have a heart for others. To find out more about the Nimb Security Rings, head on over to this link: Nimb Ring

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