My Testament to God’s Goodness…

My Beautiful Testament to God’s Goodness…

4 years ago, I was sitting in the car listening to a local Christian radio station in Atlanta. This particular weekend was the weekend before I was scheduled to have major surgery. I prayed and asked God to let His will be done. In my mind, I knew God was going to show up and show out in such a huge way that I wouldn’t even need surgery. I remember the exact moment when Lara Story’s song “Blessings” began playing on the radio. As I listened to the words,The Lord said to me, “Trust me.” As tears fell down my face, I knew God had a plan for my surgery. I knew I couldn’t possibly live the rest of my life with a massive tumor in my abdomen, I knew something had to change for my quality of life to improve. But, I wanted God to take it away. I wanted a miracle to happen. Little did I know, I would have a story that would be a tremendous testament to His grace.

I can’t tell you the amount of people I’ve shared my testimony with because I’ve lost count. God had me speaking life into people while I was facing my own storms. He laid it on my heart to share my testimony with so many people while I was in the hospital, as I was going through recuperation and years later. God took an event in my life that was very painful and turned it into something beautiful. The smile on my face isn’t because I haven’t been through the fire… My smile is because I’ve been refined! Most of the people who inspire others have walked through life changing circumstances themselves.

God is in the midst of every storm we face in this life. The devil had a plan to kill me from surgery complications, but God had a greater plan! He is our defender. There is nothing in this life that can steal my joy because I’ve seen God’s favor and grace. I’ve been betrayed. I’ve been lied on and judged. I’ve been taken for granted, but I’m still standing! Every attack makes me STRONGER! And I will continue to stand because I know where my help comes from.

Your biggest blessings often come in the form of disappointments, friends. I encourage you, if you’re facing something right now, know that God is there and He is faithful to keep you as you walk through life’s hardships and disappointments. Many of you are walking through situations where you’re about to lose faith and I want to encourage you to keep standing. Hard times don’t last long but tough times do! You are stronger than anything threatening to steal your joy. Brokenness, sickness, heartache, doubt, depression, fear, can not stand when God is there! Keep running the race, friends. You are HIS precious prize!-Inspirational Speaker
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One response to “My Testament to God’s Goodness…”

  1. Such a truely inspiring & spiritually uplifting article. I know most of us go through phases where we are almost on a verge to lose faith in God and so beautifully you managed to help others regain that faith through your post, which was lost in that whirlwind of trials and hopelessnes. Keep motivating and inspiring 👍


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