Tie Dye-Woman Crush Wednesday!



On Wednesday’s we will share our hearts AND amazing outfit ideas through our Woman Crush Wednesday loop. Each week, we will have a power color or patten that represents our theme. This week our power pattern is TIE DYE and our theme is LOVE.
Tie dye is all the rage here lately, but when you think about it… Tie dye was a symbol of peace and love during the Vietnam War. Fast forward to 2020, and our world needs a reminder of what love, peace, hope and diversity looks like. When you look at our world, we have a variation of skin tones that make our world beautiful. Every single person is created by a God who makes no mistakes and we are His most prized possessions. We have a choice to spread love or hate, but there is one constant in our lives that will always remain the same and that’s LOVE.
We at @Classyandchicgems plan to share our stories and continue spreading love and light during this time. How are you sharing love during this time? We enjoy hearing from you. As always, you can connect with us by using the hashtag #classyandchicgems or by following our new Instagram page-@classyandchicgems.

Be sure to head over to @nawaterman and k_colburn14 to see their great looks!

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