World Mental Health

Mental Health Professional, Boutique Owner, Speaker, Writer and Fashion Blogger-Anita Ford

Happy Sunday, friends! Yesterday was World Mental Health Day.As many of you know I’m a therapist. I have a Masters Degree in Counseling and Psychology. I love sharing about my field, but most of all I am blessed and humbled to be able to serve in a field where I have an opportunity to give people the tools to make their lives better. I figured there’s no better time than now to release the second chat in my Mental Health Matters series.

Tonight I am talking about social media and the effects comparison and competition have on the human psyche. I believe social media is be a blessing and a curse. Social media is a blessing because it’s nice to be able to connect with people all over the world. But, unhealthy thinking starts when a person begins to compare their lives to people they see on social media. You see perfectly curated feeds, gorgeous houses, beautiful relationships, pretty clothes and flawless skin, but you don’t know what a person had to walk through in order to get where they are. The problem with social media is you only see a person’s highlight reel. You never see the raw, messy moments that have transformed someone into the person you see today. After viewing other people’s lives on a daily basis, it’s easy for comparison to set in. Once comparison sets in, it’s easy for a person to experience a downward spiral of emotions that often alter self esteem and self worth. But, the truth is, your mind was never meant to be in constant comparison with the next person. Comparison often creates anxiety, low self esteem, anger, jealousy and even hate towards people you know nothing about.

So, how does a person overcome feeling as if they don’t measure up? You have to allow joy and peace to inhabit your space. Live in a space where you treat people well. Live in a space where you are secure within yourself. If you love yourself, you treat people the way you would like to be treated. Often times, if you don’t love yourself, you treat people poorly. You have to realize that you are valuable just the way you are. You are brave. You are smart. You are talented, and you are not a mistake.

Comparison is the thief of joy. My prayer is that you look in the mirror every morning and know that you matter to God. Here are 6 amazing “I Am” statements I wrote as a reminder for you to remember that you are treasured.

I am enough.

I am brave. Everything I’ve been through has made me into a beautiful person.

I am unique.I refuse to let the world change me.

I am strong.

I am capable.

I am loved.

Living someone else’s life won’t make me happy.. I choose to live out the life that was planned for me!

Stay tuned for another Mental Health Matters chat tomorrow…

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