Dream Big

Social media sees creative,colorful feeds and beautiful pictures, but behind the scenes, there is a content creator/blogger/small business owner who has dreams and they work hard developing their brands to inspire people in their own authentic way.

When I started my blog 6 years ago, I wanted to do 4 things: Remain authentic to who I am. Inspire others to love themselves. Work with brands/businesses both small and large who believe in integrity, diversity and philanthropy And most of all, I wanted to spread Christ’s love. Thank you to those who support my blogger journey. I have been so blessed to meet new friends whom I treasure dearly. I do not take my community for granted. It’s because of you that I have been able to expand Savedclassyandchic into a blogger group, a magazine, a podcast and an online fashion boutique. All of my brands and businesses share the same concept, and that’s rooting for the rise of others. If I can’t help someone else in the process of building my own brands, I do not want a part of it. I believe life is all about helping others. Thank you for the love you show me! I love y’all!

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