@deionsanders once said, “Do not allow my confidence to offend your insecurities!” It’s so easy to judge a book by its cover and assume that someone is different from who they truly are.

I’m out here every day looking for people I can be a blessing to and I want to see other people win. We are not the same if you’re happy when other people fail, if you think you’re better than the next person or if you don’t support others. At the end of the day, I believe a tribe is a group of people who will be there in the good times and the bad times.So many people are walking through this world hurting and they feel as if they have no one to turn to. You can be a voice that makes someone’s day. Stop thinking about yourself and think about others. We are here on earth for a limited amount of days to spread love. Who will you bless today?! We all have a mission on this earth. Be the beautiful blessing you are called to be.

@urbanoriginals collaboration ❤️

Urban Original Collaboration

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