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My WHY… 😊

If you’re new around here, my name is Anita Ford and I am the founder of SavedClassyandChic, Classyandchic Gems Blogger Group, Classyandchic Gems Podcast,Savedclassyandchic Boutique and Classyandchic Gems Magazine. I began my blogging journey a little over 6 years ago.

I have a background in fashion modeling and beauty pageants. I am a small town,southern woman who loves fashion, but even more than fashion I love encouraging and inspiring others.

I started my blog because I saw a need to create a space where competition isn’t allowed. Later on, I decided to create a blogger group that cheered for one another all while being in a competitive space. We root for the rise of others around here and right there in the middle of rooting for others, we grow within ourselves to recognize that our own passion for life grows when we are able to help others.

Outside of blogging and owning my own online fashion boutique, SavedClassyandchic Boutique, I am a Mental Health Professional, Speaker and Writer. I am a graduate of Troy University where I earned my Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology with a specialization in Counseling Individuals with Physical, Mental, and Emotional Disabilities and I also specialize in Counseling Individuals with Vision Impairments to include low vision and blindness.

My heart beats the most when I’m able to advocate for those who aren’t in a position to advocate for themselves. Helping people is a huge passion of mine. Within this community you will see a very common theme and that’s positivity. We stand against bullying. We believe in self love, loving the people in our lives, and protecting this space we call ours.

Here’s a few short facts about me that I didn’t share above… I am an Army brat. I have written 2 books and a movie script that I plan on releasing very soon. I’m a pageant coach. And, I am also an INTROVERT! 😊

Tell me more about YOU in the comments!

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