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Hey Friends! 

You have two options in this life, let your circumstances succumb you or get up a live!

I’m teaming up with @ellieactivewear to bring you a review of their August subscription box! I love comfy, cute workout gear and @Ellieactivewear certainly didn’t disappoint. Whether I’m doing yoga, out in nature, working out at the gym or going to a class at the gym, I want to know my outfit is comfortable and stylish. So, maybe you’ve been asking yourself-Why should I buy an @ellieactivewear subscription box? Well, here’s a few reasons why you should. “First, 

You’ve got options. A new collection launches the first of every month. Choose 1 of 3 pre-styled fitness

looks, designed by women for women. That’s an entire 3-piece outfit to keep for just $39.95—plus free shipping. Or add 2 fitness accessories for just $10 more!

Try this on for size. You don’t have time for complicated. Ellie understands this. You can log in to adjust your sizing preferences for each item before it ships. If the fit or feel of an item doesn’t excite you, we’ll replace it at no extra charge.

On your terms. Commitment shy? Don’t sweat it. No long-term contracts to sign here. You can skip a month or cancel at any time.“



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0344AD02-E298-4C4B-BBC5-649E77974D7DToday is my birthday and I can honestly say this birthday looks a little different to me. I am truly grateful to see another year. God has showed up and showed out in so many ways this past year. I opened my own business, I took leaps of faith that I only dreamt of taking, God gave me clarity in so many areas of my life and most of all, He continually poured His love into me. If I could offer you a bit of advice, I would say this…Live life to its fullest. Too many people are walking through this life merely existing. Take leaps of faith in all areas of your life…If you love someone, tell them. I believe everyone has a special someone who brings out the best in them and truly sees the better than anyone else has or ever will. Work on a goal you’ve always wanted to achieve. I’m a firm believer that it’s never too late to start a new goal. Don’t allow fear to control you or cause you to think you are less than. Every day you’re given an opportunity to live on earth is an opportunity to be used by God. Exhaust every single talent He has given you. Love people well. Share His love and be His love. At the end of the day, nothing else matters except the things we’ve done on earth to make His love known. Go forth and live, sweet friends!

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Teaming up with Mint Julep Boutique!

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If you know me well, you know that I am not afraid to wear colorful makeup, clothing, accessories or shoes. I love to accent chic looks with a pop of color and today I’m bringing you the dress that y’all have been loving and I adore it! So, here’s why color is great for the summer months. Depending upon your skins undertones, there are certain colors that make your skin look vibrant, dewy and youthful. I recently had a chance to collaborate with Mint Julep Boutique again and when I saw this dress, I knew I had to share it. This maxi dress compliments a variety of skin tones and hair colors. I paired my dress with a cute pair of sandals and yellow fringe earrings. When the dress is already a statement piece, simple but fun accessories are all you need. So, you may be wondering how you can purchase both items, well here’s the link:


Maxi Dress


So, be sure to head on over to Shop the mint to see all of their fabulous clothes and be sure to use my code: Anita15 for a discount!


Date Night Outfits Collaboration with Julie from GingerPhotog!

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Hey Loves!

We’re back! I’ve teamed up with my sweet friend, Julie from http://www.gingerphotog.com to bring you the cutest date night outfit ideas. Whether you’re going to a fancy restaurant, the movies a concert, bowling or just spending time with your friends, we have an idea for you!


One of my most requested posts is how to style items from different seasons for date nights or special occasions. So, I’ve picked out 3 Outfits that I absolutely love and would definitely wear on date nights.

Jazz Concert Date-I’m a huge jazz music fan. I love the sounds of Brian Culbertson, Chris Botti, and Kirk Whalum.  So, naturally, when I selected this look, I wanted a look that was versatile. I’ve paired a bold, magenta pink blouse with a black vest, black silk joggers and suede booties. As an accent, I’ve added a gold chain belt and a felt hat. This outfit is perfect for an indoor jazz concert while the seasons are in transition because it’s stylish and it’s not too hot for those warmer evenings. It’s also super comfy. I love wearing stylish outfits that are also comfortable. This is one of my favorite date night looks because it looks as if you spent a lot of time to look polished, but in reality, it only took a few minutes to style. Shop the outfit I’m wearing by clicking the link under the pictures.





Beach Date: It’s February and the beach isn’t quite warm enough staying by the water for an extended period of time, but the beach is still a perfect spot for lunch and dinner. I love Panama City Beach, Destin and Pensacola. It’s so relaxing to spend time near the water admiring God’s beautiful creation. I’ve paired two looks with my favorite Free People Tunic.  Let me tell you, I wore this tunic so many times during the warmer months. I can’t tell you how much I absolutely love wearing this tunic! It has so many bright colors in it and it matches so many outfits! The first look, I’ve paired it with a striped dress from the Gap. The second look, I’ve paired my tunic with a simple tank and a pair of blue jean leggings. Simple, chic, stylish and elegant! To shop this look: Click the link below the pictures.









CheeseCake Factory Date: I eat cheesecake maybe once or twice a year. My favorite cheesecake is red velvet cheesecake. The Cheesecake Factory has such a massive selection of foods from all different cultures, so you will be sure to find something that you enjoy on the menu. This outfit is elegant, it’s chic, and it’s also beautiful. This dress can be worn a few different ways. I’ve paired it with cutout booties. I’ve also worn it with a fur vest and OTK boots and both looks are absolutely gorgeous. I love this look because it’s effortlessly chic. The dress is beautiful on its own, so it doesn’t take much styling to make this look your own.

Bonus: So, maybe you’re single and you’re not going on dates right now. Well, here’s a cute outfit idea for you to wear when going to dinner or having a fun evening with your friends. I love leopard print and I love red! So, this fun look is simple, chic and effortless. I wore my hair in a stylish top knot, but this time I decided to wear my bangs showing for a different look.  Now, head on over to Julie’s awesome post at: http://www.gingerphotog.com

Thank you so much for supporting us and sharing our work. We are so blessed to have you all as followers! Happy Friday!