Collaboration with Dr.Cornelius Grove

Hi Friends, This year has been filled with uncertainty, but with the possibility of life easing back to normal, many parents are looking for ways to continue furthering their child’s education. Today I’m teaming up with Dr. Cornelius Grove to bring you an insightful look at education in a time in which the pandemic isContinue reading “Collaboration with Dr.Cornelius Grove”

Why EQ Beats IQ in Driving ‘True’ Leadership Success

Hi Friends! I know you all love positive, inspiring people and today I’m teaming up with Merilee Kern to bring you her fabulous article about success. By Merilee Kern, MBA In many ways, being an effective leader boils down to your ability to influence people—a proficiency that is driven by one’s emotional intelligence (EQ). LeadershipContinue reading Why EQ Beats IQ in Driving ‘True’ Leadership Success

Under $100 Gift Suggestions for her.

I know no one wants to read a huge paragraph before selecting gifts, so I have put together some posts where you can buy various gifts by using my links. As always, we appreciate when you use our links or DM us for discount codes when we have them. The commission isn’t huge, but itContinue reading “Under $100 Gift Suggestions for her.”

MaeLove Skincare Collaboration

Hey Friends! If you’re like me, you’re always searching for products that are cost effective and truly make a difference in your every day routine. I’m someone who tries different skincare routines to provide you, my friends with options that are available in every price range. So, I’ve got a skincare line that I mustContinue reading “MaeLove Skincare Collaboration”